Disassembly method and daily maintenance of hydraulic jack


How to disassemble the hydraulic jack and how to pay attention to the maintenance work in daily use are the issues that every jack user is very concerned about. When we use the jack daily, it is inevitable that we will encounter some small flaws that lead to the final If it cannot be used, we need to know how to disassemble, assemble, and perform simple repairs on the hydraulic jack. At the same time, we also need to know how to maintain it so that it can have a longer service life.

1. Remove the filler plug

What you need to know is that you need to remove the jack filler plug first, and then place it with the filler port facing down. When placing it, you need to pay attention to placing it on the square iron box.

2. Loosen the oil valve

Loosen the oil drain valve of the jack, take out the oil drain valve, and then drain the remaining oil in it.

3. Unscrew the small pump

Take off the lift lever above, and choose a +0.8m pipe on the torx wrench used, so that the small pump can be unscrewed, and then use the needle nose pliers to pry off the gasket, and remove the 6# inside. Take out the steel ball.

4. Remove the top cap

Clamp the electro-hydraulic jack on the vise. As long as the top cap can be removed, of course, it cannot be removed with bare hands. We need to use a pipe wrench to remove it, in a counterclockwise direction, and remove it.

5. Pull out the piston rod

What you need to do after that is to pull out the piston rod. If it is not easy to pull out, it is recommended that you use needle nose pliers to take out the rubber ring of the base, then pour out the 8# steel ball, and then use a long-mouthed air gun to blow air. When blowing air, you need to pay attention to controlling the air volume, so that the piston rod will pop out. At the same time, it should be noted that when blowing air, it is best to aim at the wall, so that it can be well avoided. Injuries occurred due to the ejection.

The last thing to do is to remove the piston nylon seal of the hydraulic jack, and then put the pulled out piston rod back into the position of the oil cylinder, and then use the pipe wrench to clamp the position of the oil cylinder. In this way, when we apply force to the pipe wrench, we can avoid the deformation and flattening of the oil cylinder.

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