How to choose hydraulic oil for hydraulic jack


The most important part of hydraulic jacks is the equipment that is driven by the hydraulic system to achieve good operation. Therefore, hydraulic oil is very important for the jack. It can transmit and control energy, as well as wetting, cooling and cleaning. How to choose hydraulic oil?

How to choose hydraulic oil for hydraulic jack

1. Comply with the regulations in the instruction manual

The oil used in the hydraulic system should conform to the hydraulic oil type and grade specified in the instruction manual. Depending on the type of construction of the hydraulic pump and motor, the pressure used in the hydraulic system and the ambient temperature, a suitable oil can also be selected.

2. The packing should be strictly filtered

Filling the oil tank with oil should pass through the specified oil filter. The oil filter should be checked and cleaned regularly. If damaged, it should be replaced in time.

3. What needs to be paid attention to in terms of cleanliness is to check in time

If the cleanliness is lower than the specified level, it should be replaced in time. Fill in the single-machine refueling, oil change, and oil test records carefully.

4. The grade of the new oil should be the same as the grade of the old oil

When it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil of different grades, the old hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system should be completely closed and cleaned before the new oil is full. Different grades of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed.

5. Keep it clean

The container filled with hydraulic oil should be kept clean, and the inner wall of the container should not be painted.

Hydraulic oil is an important part of the hydraulic jack system. The reasonable selection, use and maintenance of hydraulic oil have a great impact on the performance of the jack, so we need to pay attention to the correct selection.

Precautions for using jacks

If an air strike occurs, the drain screw on the pump body can be loosened first, the pump body is vertical, and then the drain screw can be tightened to continue to use. When using it, it should be noted that overloading cannot occur, so as not to damage the jack. When there is a load, do not remove the joint to avoid accidents and damage to machine parts.

Due to the large amount of air in the cylinder of the hydraulic jack used for a long time, there is a great possibility that the piston rod will jump slightly when it is used continuously, so we can move it back and forth 2-3 times without load to eliminate air in the chamber.

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